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ENGLISH ONLY - No Single Guys! , I am an English woman in Bydgoszcz initially for business and am looking for friends and sex! I usually prefer women but I will consider a couple if the woman is bisexual! Only write to me in English as I do not write Polish very well! _update_ Hello guys and girl - this is a small _update_ to my profile. Thank you all for the nice words and comments on my profile. Am very grateful that gradually, a lot of people are realising that I do not speak Polish and so they should write to me in English. Also, every so often, I get some people (usually men) who write to me to preach about sex and some religious things. Honestly, I am not interested. First of all, I am atheist and therefore all the religious preaching go over my head. Sex is there for us "humans" to enjoy - there are no side effects so i intend to fuck till I can't anymore. Sex is sex! I do not see the difference between having sex 10 times with one man or 10 times with 10 different men. In my view, they are all the same. So to conclude, if you don't have anything nice to say, please don't write to me - keep it all to yourself and leave me in fucking peace!
Lubię Best described as a lady who is elegant and stylish with an adventurous spirit, loves to meet new people, to travel and be spontaneous. Appreciates good manners, a sense of humour, romantic... Orgies! Sex and lot of it! Hot girls.
Nie lubię Idiots! People who send me cut and paste messages!
Nick dancingqueen
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